Discussing trans data and investigative story frameworks!

TJA has two panels at AccessFest in October. Plus, member spotlights and the style guide in the world.

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Are you going to Investigative Reporters & Editors' AccessFest this month, from October 12-14?

Don’t miss these two panels organized by TJA:

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Beyond "the medical debate": Envisioning high-impact, autonomy-centered coverage of anti-trans legislation
Recent coverage of anti-trans sentiments and legislative proposals focus on reporting questions like, "Does the medicine work?" or "Is trans healthcare irreversible or dangerous?" Often, the reporting stops there, missing stories and coverage questions that look at important civic, social, and personal consequences of this session's onslaught of anti-trans legislation. A facilitated discussion of how to report stories that instead ask investigative questions centering issues of human autonomy and civil rights.
Time: Thursday, October 12, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. ET

Transgender and gender non-conforming data sources
There is so little data out there about transgender and gender non-conforming Americans (and LGBTQ+ individuals more broadly), but these communities are the subject of so much news and discussion. How can we use data to fairly report on these communities?
Time: Friday, October 13, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. ET

Plus: TJA member Vivian McCall will speak on Covering the radical right and other hostile online communities on Friday, October 13, 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. ET

P.S. AccessFest is online, and registration is still open.

#ICYMI: Student journalists wrote about TJA’s discussions of story framing, audience engagement, and covering anti-trans legislation at ONA23 and the NLGJA National Convention.

TJA’s Style Guide around the world

The updated TJA Stylebook & Coverage Guide has been cited in several new resources for journalists on covering anti-trans violence and reporting on trans communities in Europe.

We’re also cited in reported pieces from Cronkite News, Buenos Aires Herald, and Law360.

Our Stylebook and Coverage Guide draws on the expertise of more than 20 TJA members, including editors, reporters, and newsroom leaders with backgrounds in local, national, and international media organizations across beats and mediums. It also links to examples of best practices, reported pieces that contextualize issues, and helpful explainers of tips for specific beats written by other journalism organizations.

#ICYMI: TJA talks to Poynter about our incorporation and expansion

The Trans Journalists Association is expanding to meet the moment - Poynter
Amid an increasingly hostile political landscape, the association has revamped its resources to address shortfalls in news coverage

Plus, How a local paper grappled with an anti-trans firestorm: TJA stylebook editor Graph Massara shares how he worked with a community newspaper to help them cover a wave of transphobic harassment against a local high school athlete.

Member spotlights

Photo of journalist Katie Barnes holding their book Fair Play

TJA member Katie Barnes’ new book Fair Play: How Sports Shape the Gender Debate published Sept. 19.

Why Katie wrote about the history of gender in sports, spanning from women's sports teams to modern debates about trans inclusion

I wrote Fair Play to answer the questions I am routinely asked about trans people participating in sports. It's my hope that this book reinjects nuance into an important, complex conversation. 

Hear more from Katie in an interview on the Gender Reveal podcast.

Plus: a break from the grind

More than 40 trans writers and artists (including several TJA members) have joined forces to explore the deeper meanings of the Fast & Furious franchise (and also gender) in 2 Trans 2 Furious: An extremely serious journal of Transgender Street Racing Studies. It's a madcap mix of creative writing, memoir, and definitely scientifically accurate accounts of automobile technology.

What we’re reading

How personal relationships influence views on gender-affirming care
More Americans back access to such care for adults than minors, but few want politicians to get involved, a new 19th News/SurveyMonkey poll finds.
These Paid ‘Experts’ Are Crisscrossing The Country To Defend Anti-Trans Laws
Their purpose is to convince judges that gender-affirming care is scientifically controversial, unnecessary and dangerous — and they’re increasingly having an impact.
Coverage of Gender-Affirming Care Is an Unequal Patchwork
Lawsuits brought by transgender employees show how state agencies fight against paying for gender-affirming care for some people while others are covered.
“You Betrayed Us, Azeen” Parents of Trans Youth Reeling After Speaking to an NYT Reporter — Assigned
A story on the allegations of former St. Louis gender clinic staffer Jamie Reed left parents who spoke with NYT reporter Azeen Ghorayshi crushed.

Noteworthy reads on the state-level impacts of anti-trans legislation and policies

The teens fighting to keep Youngkin’s trans policies out of their schools by The Washington Post

A family fled to WA to protect their trans child. Here’s how their life changed
One year after relocating to the Seattle area, a family reflects on why their difficult move from Austin was worth it to protect their trans daughter.
Families are relocating to Illinois to protect their transgender children
Anti-transgender laws in Florida, Iowa, and Missouri have prompted parents to move to Illinois so their children can access gender-affirming health care and more welcoming schools.
“Where Is There to Go?” He Needs Gender-Affirming Surgery, but His State Is Fighting to Deny Coverage.
A North Carolina policy that denies state employees coverage for gender-affirming care has been on hold pending appeal. For one transgender worker still awaiting surgery, the anxiety is “like somebody has got their hands around my neck.”
‘Drag is so Healing’: Austin’s Queens Won’t Back Down
Performers remain committed to their art in the face of persecution. Digital Editor Kit O’Connell on how drag queens respond to the ban.
Trans Health Care Is Severely Restricted in Florida. People Are Left With Dangerous Solutions.
SB 254 targets more than kids.

TJA members: what have you been up to?

Are you a TJA member who has a forthcoming book, an upcoming panel, or recent piece of journalism on trans communities and the issues that affect them? Just read something especially good that you think we should highlight?

Let us know!

Email contact@transjournalists.org or share in the #2-show-and-tell channel.

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