Tips for telling trans stories in 2024

The latest resources about anti-trans misinformation. Plus, TJA members offered coverage tips in a webinar we helped co-host with the National Press Club Journalism Institute.

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A glossary table titled "TJA Style Guide Highlights" with three words (agender, bigender, and gender-diverse / gender-expansive) and their definitions.

Tips for Telling Trans Stories in 2024

TJA members offered key coverage tips in a webinar we helped co-host with the National Press Club Journalism Institute.

Here are a few of the suggestions from TJA members:

  • If you are covering legislation, find out what instigated the legislation and who the lawmaker worked with to draft the bill. Who funded it? Include the voices of people who have been directly impacted by that legislative effort. Ask yourself: What question hasn’t been asked? What story is the media is missing on the topic?
  • To find voices for your stories, look to social media groups and organizations that support trans and LGBTQ+ individuals. If you are looking to interview people under the age of 18, many news organizations will require you to get parental consent. Look for parents' groups that support trans and LGBTQ+ kids. 
  • When you are sourcing trans and LGBTQ+ stories, explain your reporting process to help build trust. Give sources the room to not answer questions they aren’t comfortable with. Allow them to bring a parent, lawyer, or guardian to the interview if it makes them comfortable. Let them know the risks of facing harassment for talking with you. (Teen Vogue and ESPN have, depending on the situation, given sources a pseudonym or offered anonymity if the source’s safety might be at risk.)

Read more tips and watch the full webinar.

ICYMI: Meet the first TJA Fellows

Our very own TJA fellows have just returned from the IRE conference in Anaheim, CA, where they received training in investigative journalism, data reporting, and trans-specific coverage. Meet the fellows below! And look out for an IRE recap newsletter to hear more about the TJA's events there.

Meet the TJA x IRE Fellows
We’re excited to announce the TJA x IRE Fellows who will be attending the upcoming Investigative Reporters and Editors conference this month! Thanks to support from TransLash Media and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, we’re sending 11 reporters and editors to Anaheim for valuable training in investigative

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This newsletter was written by Kai Proschan, compiled and edited by Kae Petrin, and copyedited by Noia Karr.

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