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Are you or your organization interested in sharing opportunities that may be of interest to our members? We offer several ways to reach our membership, depending on whether you're a journalism organization or a PR/communications professional.

For journalism organizations:

For PR/communications professionals:

Email us at to coordinate.

Newsletter ad placement

If your ad relates to a journalism opportunity that requires no fees to participate — e.g. if it offers a totally free service to journalists — we are happy to include it in our newsletter free of charge.

All advertising and job posting text must abide by our code of ethics. The TJA retains full control over its editorial content.

Our rates

  • $150 per highlighted opportunity
  • $100 per job highlight
  • $2,000 for exclusive newsletter messaging

Highlighted opportunity guidelines

These are included under a "highlighted opportunities" section in the middle of the newsletter. Please send an image (if you would like one included) and sample text that covers the following:

  • Details on journalism events, scholarships, fellowships, mentorship programs, or other opportunities
  • Preferred aspect ratio of 3:1 for visuals, but we can also publish 3:2, 2:1, and similarly rectangular aspect ratios.
    • We do not post 1:1 images.
  • 35-75 words

Job highlight guidelines

These are included under a "job highlights" section in the middle of the newsletter. Please send the following information about the job:

  • Position title
  • Workplace name
  • Location
  • Remote, in-person, or hybrid
  • Maximum 50-word description (excluding position title, workplace name, etc)

Exclusive newsletter messaging guidelines

Want to show your brand in an entire newsletter edition? We'll include your banner in two places, at the middle and at the bottom of one issue of our newsletter.

  • 1-2 banners in the dimensions 720px by 150px
  • 10-15 word tagline per banner image

PR Newswire

Have a press released you'd like to send to our network of trans journalists? You can reach our network for $200 per release.

  • Email us at to arrange an invoice
  • Pay the invoice via our payment platform
  • Email the standalone press release to
  • Once we have received your payment, we'll approve the release
  • The release will be received by trans journalists in our newswire network in the exact form that you send it to us

All press release contents must abide by our code of ethics.

Other options

Don't have a budget to send your press release? PR professionals can join the TJA as a community member and request access to our PR directory, or request directory-only access without full membership. There is no fee for these services, but we appreciate a donation.

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