#ICYMI: The TJA x Business Insider Fellowship is back

Business Insider is still selecting a candidate from TJA for this opportunity to get hands-on newsroom experience. Applications close this coming Monday, April 15th.

Potential candidates can learn more about the program and apply through the Trans Journalists Association.

Sebastian Cahill on his experience as the inaugural TJA x Business Insider Fellow

“I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to work with TJA and Insider. During my fellowship, I learned invaluable journalistic skills, gained experience working in a fast-paced, professional news organization, and networked with other queer and trans writers. I gained so much knowledge from my colleagues and editors. I was also pleasantly surprised by how queer-friendly the office was. It was so lovely to feel appreciated and seen both as a person and for my accomplishments in journalism over the course of my fellowship. It’s an amazing opportunity for any early-career journalist.” 

Thanks for coming to the TJA resume webinars!

Huge thanks to Emma Carew Grovum and Benét Wilson for sharing their resume expertise with us last week! Twenty TJA members turned out across two sessions, for advice on resume dos and don'ts, and tips on how to get noticed in a pile of candidates.

The conversation is recorded and now available to logged-in TJA members on our members site.

Member spotlights

TJA members Tuck Woodstock and Niko Stratis edited and published 2 Trans 2 Furious, a zine exploring the Fast & Furious franchise (and also gender). The zine is a finalist for the 2024 Lammy Award in LGBTQ+ Anthology. View the full list of nominees here.

TJA web administrator Ændra Rininsland spoke to DIVA about why we need more trans people in journalism.

Being trans in the workplace is scary in many, many ways, but seeing people like you within your work environment is just so utterly crucial to feeling comfortable. Being able to share experiences and support each other is incredibly important.

And congratulations to TJA member Evan Urquhart for his selection as a Knight Science Journalism fellow!

Journalism opportunities & events

Get hands-on data training

The Data Institute is a free, two-week hands-on workshop on using data, design and code for journalism. The program welcomes a small cohort of journalists who are passionate about learning to tell stories with data. No previous data experience is required.

When & where: The 2024 Data Institute will be this July 8-19, hosted by the Center for Journalism & Democracy at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Applications are open April 10 through April 25.

Learn more about ethics & language

Headshots of four journalists and an academic on a graphic advertisement for a Zoom webinar

The Society of Professional Journalists is hosting an Ethics Week webinar on covering trans rights during the election season. The webinar will be Wednesday, April 17 at 5 p.m. EDT. It features several TJA members!

Register here.

Editor's note: gender identity and language in medical communications and research

Join the LGBTQ+ Editors Association to discuss gender identity and conscious, inclusive, bias-free language in medical communications, research, and patient education materials. The webinar will be Wednesday, April 24 at 7 p.m. EDT.

Register here.

Fund your work

The Poynter Institute presents:  “Transgender Coverage: Avoiding rhetoric to deliver meaningful journalism” a two-part webinar to enhance journalists’ understanding of the issues, legalities, and legislation facing the trans community, set for April 18 and May 2 at 1 p.m. Eastern.

Enrollees can apply for one of three reporting grants of $10,000-$15,000. Applications are due May 3.

Read more and enroll in Beat Academy, and then apply for a grant.

TJA members get a significant discount: you’ll pay $18 instead of the full $75 tuition when you use coupon code 24TJABeat18 at checkout. 

Industry news

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Work from our network

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